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    Have Decided to Start your Startup in Hotel, Food Processing & Packaging, Restaurant Services? You are required to have FSSAI Licence for Hotel, Food Processing & Packaging, Restaurant Services. On applying for FSSAI registration, an unique 14-digit licence number is issued which has to be quoted on all food packages. The licence number is also required even if food products are not packaged.


    • Eligibility Consultation
    • Filing of Application (Basic Registration) with Authority
    • Track status of application while processing
    • Receipt of Application Code
    • Business hours -CA support


    • Supporting documents (if any)
    • Photo Identity proof of promoters
    • Business Constitution certificate
    • Proof of possession of business premises
    • List of food products manufactured or processed
    • Bank account information


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    Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for monitoring the quality of food products being produced or processed by various food operators has mandated food operators to obtain Food license. All the businesses engaged in food activities are required to apply for different type of food license based on Turnover, Scale of business Type of activity.
    There are three types of Registrations under FSSAI. Our experts will advise you on the applicable registration based on the government registration criteria.
    FSSAI Basic registration – Small businesses or startups having annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs can apply. As operations scale up and turnover reaches Rs. 12 lakh bar, the basic registration will need to be upgraded to state license.
    FSSAI State license – Small and Medium business units having annual turnover in the range of Rs.12 lakh -20 crores need to apply for State level License.
    FSSAI Central license – For large business having annual turnover above Rs.20 crores, applicant need to obtain Central Level License. The same license is applicable where you are you are engaged in import or export of food products or selling goods to government offices.

    FSSAI License is issued with validity of one to five years in each category that is Basic Registration, State Registration and Central Registration. The license has to be renewed within 30 days before expiry of original license. For renewal too the same plan can be used.
    FSSAI license that is issued is always location specific. If you have multiple business places you need to apply for separate registration for each location.
    Every business connected to food entails FSSAI registration. If your business falls in any one of the below-listed categories, then a food license is mandatory for you.
    Any individual or a company that operates with food substances from farm to plate must obtain the FSSAI food license. A more detailed list of those who require FSSAI registration is here:
    Food chains
    Food sellers and resellers
    Dairy and dairy processing
    Food importers and exporters
    Processors like pickle and dry fruit maker
    Raw material suppliers to food businesses
    Retailers & establishments who have a retail outlet
    Simple transporters who transfer items from one location to another
    Canteens in corporations, schools, colleges, hospitals or government institutions
    Packaged food manufacturers who produce items such as biscuits and ready to eat products
    Storage units and warehouses require a food safety registration instead of a production license
    A 14-digit food license will contain a State Code and registration.
    Every food package must have a label. This label should mandatory contain:
    The logo of FSSAI
    License number
    Yes, you do. You need a central license registered from the address in Import Export Code.
    Yes, whether it is import or export of food items, FSSAI licensing is necessary.
    Yes, whether you manufacture, distribute, transport or trade food additives, you will need an FSSAI license in order to do it.
    We streamline this process so that you can do it easily and fast. Just fill in a form online and send the required documents and we will get your FSSAI restaurant license for you. We’ll intimate you within 20 to 40 working days about the status of your license and you can sit back and focus on your business.

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