The Technology Centres (TCs) facilitate an integrated development of MSMEs by providing quality Tool, Industry ready manpower, consultancy in tooling & related areas and processes & Products development in product group like Foundry & Forging, Electronics, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Fragrance & Flavour, Glass, Sport Goods and Footwear designing. These TCs are provding these services across the country.

Nature of Assistance:

i) To provide access of MSMEs to tooling facilities for enhancement of their efficiency. (ii) Process & Product development in relevant sector. (iii) Consultancy and Job works in relevant Sector and (iv) Skill Development.

Who can apply:

i) Units desirous of availing tooling and dies facilities and consultancy services. (ii) The eligibility for training programmes includes from school dropout to M.Tech level.

How to apply:

Online application for training can be filled at respective Technology Centres’ website or in person at Technology Centre. For tooling and consultancy services, the relevant Technology Centres may be visited.

Whom to Contact:

Head of the respective Technology Centres

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